Vacant homes are tough to sell. They come across as uninviting, cold, and sometimes down right scary. Staging a vacant home will give the buyer an imagination and they can get a true sense of functionality for each room.

Let me help you.

All Services Require an in Home Staging Consultation

This includes a walk through of the home room by room to access how to make each room come alive! During this consultation photos will be taken by me for reference. Through out the consultation recommendations and notes will be taken as to what changes and updates must be made. After the walk through you will be provided a summary for the next steps. All consultations are for up to 2 hours and additional time is billed accordingly. 

Vacant Homes

The Decor Boss specializes in vacant homes that require furniture be brought in. I will stage your empty home beautifully with furniture, window treatments, linens, and accessories that will wow potential buyers. A  consultation is required to go over what is needed for the home. The staging process from the consultation to the delivery of the items can be completed in as little as over a week. 

I work with individual homeowners, investors, contractors/builders and real estate agents who 100% know that a staged home will offer a higher return on profit. Real estate agents instead of suggesting to your clients to reduce the sale price of their home, STAGE IT with THE DECOR BOSS. Contractors and builders instead of leaving your newly built home sitting on the market increasing your holding costs, STAGE IT with THE DECOR BOSS. Homeowners instead of stressing and wondering how long it will take for your home to go under contract with a buyer, STAGE IT with the DECOR BOSS! 

Occupied Home Staging

This is home staging for owner occupied homes. This option is best for people whom are selling their home but will be living in it while it is on the market. During this in depth consultation I will evaluate and advise the necessary steps to prepare your home to sell. I will walk through the house with "buyers eyes" giving instructions and advice detailing how to depersonalize  and stage your home to appeal to targeted buyers. If  any additional professional trade services are required I can provide referrals. 

Redesign Services

Not selling your house or moving but want a fresh up to date look? The Decor Boss can help you with that. 

I will assist by providing tips and helpful suggestions using your existing furniture and decor where possible. We will make changes by rearranging and moving furniture, artwork, and accessories. I will make recommendations for some items that can only be purchased with my designer discounts. Together we will give your home a brand new feel and make you fall in love all over again. 

Serving NJ, NYC & Philadelphia, PA

Bathroom Shelves
Image by Logan Nolin